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  • Tickets and Reservation

    Where or how can I book my ticket?
    You can book your ticket online, in a Eurolines shop, via our Call Center or at a travel agent near you. It is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver.


    Can I book by phone?
    Yes. With a credit card (Mastercard / Visa) you can book your ticket by our Call Center by phoning +32 (0)2 274 13 50 (local rate).


    How & when do I receive my ticket?
    If you have booked your ticket by phone or online you will receive an e-ticket immediately. In this e-mail you will be asked to click on a link and then download and print the e-ticket and show it at the check-in or to the coach driver.
    If you book and pay for a ticket in one of our shops, your ticket will be given to you immediately.


    My ticket is lost or stolen. Can I get a duplicate?
    It is not possible to replace or refund your ticket when it is lost or stolen. You will be required to purchase a new ticket to enable you to travel. We advise you to take out insurance to cover you for lost or stolen tickets.


    Do I need to reconfirm my return-journey?
    For some destinations you have to reconfirm your return journey. We advise you to reconfirm your return journey as soon as possible after arriving at your destination. For more information about reconfirming your return journey please click: Plan your journey


    Until when is my ticket valid?

    A standard ticket is valid until 6 months and a promo return maximum up to 4 weeks. You must hold the dates you provided. If necessary and possible, you can change the date of travel accodance the conditions.



    Can i book a ticket where the outward journey starts in a country outside of the Belgium?

    It is possible for many destinations: click on 'Start from another country?' when selecting your destination. You can also book your ticket by phone with a credit card or in one of our shops. For more information please contact our Call Center +32 (0)2 274 13 50 (local rate). 


    I want to book a ticket between two cities outside Belgium. Can i book this ticket with Eurolines Belgium?
    No- To make this type of reservation you will need to visit the relevant website of one of our Eurolines partners. For a complete list of our Eurolines partners websites please visit


    Where can I book the return date for my open return ticket?
    You have to reserve your return journey at a local Eurolines office at least 48 hrs before departure.

  • Ticket types & Discounts

    What kind of tickets and travel deals does Eurolines offer and what are the conditions?

    Please click for more information on: Our pricing policy


    Can I leave the return date open?

    Yes, it is possible. Unfortunateley it isn't possible to purchase an open ticket online. You can buy your open return ticket by our Call center, at one of our shops or at your travel agency.You must reserve your return journey yourself with a local Eurolines office at least 48 hours before your intended departure. Please note that a small booking fee may be levied at the local Eurolines office where you confirm your return. For more information about the international Eurolines offices click here.


    What is the minimum age to travel alone?

    Passengers under 16 years old, are not allowed to board without being accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years old.

    Passengers between 16 and 18 years old can travel alone if they have a valid and current passport they also must carry a written authorization from a parent or legal guardian during the yourney. For more information please click here.


    Does Eurolines offer special tickets for touring around Europe?
    Yes. We can offer you the Eurolines Pass, This is a special round trip ticket enabling you to visit a selection of some of Europe's finest cities. There are two levels of Eurolines Pass - 15 or 30 day validity. For more information click: Eurolines Pass.

  • Discount

    Are there any extra discounts?
    Eurolines offers you 4 different types of discount: Age discount, Discount card, Eurolines "Pass" en Mini Pass.

  • Online Bookings & Payment Methods

    How can I pay for my ticket?

    • Online: We accept  a credit card (Visa /Mastercard) or offer online banking called Bancontact/mister Cash(online banking with a Belgium bankaccount).

    • Shops: We accept cash, a Bancontact bankpass or credit card (Visa /Mastercard).

    • Call Center: +32 (0)2 274 13 50 you can pay by credit card (Visa /Mastercard

     No extra costs are charged for the use of the payment methods stated above.


    Is it safe to book and pay through your website?
    For the protection of your details during the booking process we use Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This is a security system for the Internet which ensures that the information exchange between you and our website during the online booking process is encrypted and therefore cannot be read by third parties. This means your payment details and personal details are protected. A page is secured if there is a padlock at the bottom of the page on your screen. Most browsers support SSL. If you are not sure whether your browser supports SSL, check the browser data with your Internet Service Provider.


    What company supports the online payment on and is it safe?
    Ogone Secure Payment. For more information about Ogone's safe payment please click here:

  • Modifying & Cancelling tickets

    Is it possible to modify or cancel my ticket?
    Depending on the conditions of a ticket it could be possible to modify or cancel your ticket, Click: Change your ticket


    I have booked my ticket through your Website or Call Centre. How can I change or cancel my booking?

    You can modify your booking with our Call Center +32 (0)2 274 13 50 (local rate).

    Cancel: You can only cancel your ticket by our Call Center depending on the conditions of the ticket.

    Modify: You can modify your booking with our Call Center (but only if you can pay by credit card for any modification fees that may be applied). Alternatively you can visit your nearest Eurolines shop in Belgium or at your travel agency.


    I have booked my ticket in one of your shops. How can I modify my ticket?
    If you booked and received your ticket at a Eurolines shop, you will need to return to that shop to modify or cancel your booking, surrender the old ticket in exchange for a new ticket. Tickets purchased outside Belgium can only be modified at a Eurolines shop. 


    I did not use my return journey. Is it possible to have a refund on an unused portion of a ticket?
    Only complete unused tickets will be considered for any entitlement to a refund. Partially used tickets (including Open Returns) will therefore not be considered for any refund.


    I have a complained. Where and until when can i file a complaint?

    Request for refund, compensation or complains relating to the bus trip must be submitted at the head office in the country where the ticket was bought within 3 months after the last travel date mentiones on the ticket.

    In case of damaged or loss luggage de passenger has to report this at the head office of the Eurolines Belgium between 10 days after the discovery.

  • Check-in

    How long before departure do I have to be at the coach stop/ station?
    In Brussels you check-in at one of the counters inside the Eurolines bus station. You must check-in no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on your ticket. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure. From all other Belgium departure points you have to be at the bus stop at least 30 minutes before departure. The check-in will be done by the driver of the coach or local employees.

    Departure from other countries: Check-in no later than 30 minutes before departure (Note: In London check-in is 1 hour before departure at the counters). If there is a Eurolines office that is open close to your departure point you can check-in at the counter - otherwise directly with the driver.


    How do I recognize my Eurolines coach?
    The majority of our coaches are in Eurolines livery. However on some routes the livery of the coaches may vary and there may only be a Eurolines sticker displayed in the front windscreen. Occasionally due to high demand for our services (typically holiday periods), we may put on extra services and these coaches are unlikely to be in Eurolines livery. If you are in any doubt - always ask the driver.


    Will there be a sign with my destination in the coach windscreen?
    No not always. Sometimes the coach that picks you up from your departure point only has the final destination displayed in the front windscreen. This is because the majority of Eurolines routes include mulitple stops and it would be impractical to display every stop in the front windscreen. Also, you may have booked a journey which requires a change of coach. In both examples, please ask the driver to confirm that his/her coach is going to the destination (or connecting destination) stated on your ticket your destination.

  • During the journey

    Will there be refreshment stops during the journey?
    Yes. Regular comfort stops are scheduled on all Eurolines services. Please listen carefully to the announcement of the driver about the duration of the stop and what time you must be back at the coach.


    Will there be a toilet on the coach?
    Except on lines to Morocco, toilet facilities are available on all coaches used by Eurolines. The capacity of these chemical toilets is limited, and would therefore ask that customers use the toilets facilities at comfort stops wherever possible.


    How can I find the route the coach takes?

    You can print a copy of the timetable for your journey. Click here to search our online timbetables.


    Is alcohol allowed during my journey?
    No. Drinking alcohol on any Eurolines coach is strictly forbidden. 


    Do I travel by Ferry or Shuttle on the London service?
    Depending on the service chosen, your crossing of the English Channel will be by Eurotunnel or Ferry. Click here see the timetable

    For operational reasons (typically Force Majeure), Eurolines reserves the right to change the method of crossing the Channel at our discretion. Please ask one of our Reservation agents for more information.


    On which services do whe offer Wifi?

    Free Wi-Fi is now included on some of our services to London, Paris and Amsterdam .


    Where can I find more information about reconfirmation and specific luggage information per country?
    For more information, click: Plan your journey.

  • Your luggage

    What is my luggage allowance?
    Click here for more information: Luggage


    How should I transport the luggage?
    All pieces of luggage (including hand luggage) must be properly packed and labelled - indicating the passenger’s name, address, telephone number and destination. The traveller is responsible for identifying and removing his own luggage from the coach hold upon disembarkation. At most major Eurolines coach stations, baggage labels are available on request. 


    I had to pay an insurance fee for my luggage during my last journey. Is that normal?
    Yes, Click here for more information: Luggage


    Can I send unaccompanied packages by coach?
    It’s not possible to send unaccompanied packages by coach.


    What specific luggage can I bring with me?
    For more information about specific luggage please click here.


    Can I transport a foldable wheelchair or walking frame?
    The transport of foldable wheelchairs or walking frames are allowed providing that we are advised at the time of booking.


    What do I do in case of damage or missing luggage?
    In the event of damage or loss of luggage during the journey other than hand luggage, the customer must report this with the carrier (driver) and Eurolines immediately upon discovery. If the ticket was bought in Belgium, written notice must be given to the head office of Eurolines Belgium within 10 days after the discovery of the damage/ disappearance, accompanied by the remainder of the original ticket and luggage label. No claims will be accepted if filed on a later stage.


    Who is liable in case of missing/damaged luggage?
    Liability for theft, loss or damage to luggage transported in the baggage compartment is only accepted if and insofar as this has come about through intent or gross negligence by Eurolines or its appointed carriers for the journey. Click here for our full terms and conditions art.5

  • Travel Documents

    Do I need to show my travel documents when I book?
    Make sure you are in possession of the correct documents (passport and if necessary obligated visa). If you make your reservation in one of our outlets or a travel agency please take them with you to show to the staff. When you book over the phone, please keep them ready when we ask for the numbers.


    Where can I get information regarding visas and other official travel documents?
    Please contact the individual consulate of each country that you visit or transit

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

    Do Eurolines recommend a travel insurance policy?
    Yes. You are of course at liberty to choose your own private insurance policy. For just 4€ per person, Eurolines is pleased to recommend a travel policy from Allianz Assistance. For an overview in English please click here: Allianz Assistance


    I have made a booking already. Is it possible to add the Allianz insurance later?
    No. The Insurance has to be Purchased at the same time you book your Eurolines ticket.


    Who should I contact in case I have a claim?

    Allianz Global ASSISTANCE
    Zwaluwenstraat 2
    1000 Brussel
    T:022 90 64 11      
    F:022 90 64 99

    Noodnummer:+32 25 297 670


    What is the contact address of the Allianz Assistance and cancellation insurance?
    Allianz Global Assistance
    Rue des Hirondelles 2
    1000 Brussels
    Tel.: + 32 2 290 64 11
    Fax : + 32 2 290 64 19


    Does it show on my ticket that I have purchased Allianz Assistance insurance with Eurolines?
    Yes. On your ticket it will be printed ‘insurance paid’

  • Write to Eurolines Belgium

    I would like to write a letter about my experience when travelling with Eurolines. Who do I write to?

    Letters relating to requests for compensation, damage claims or criticism of your experience when travelling with Eurolines must be submitted in writing to the Eurolines head office or via e-mail in the country where the ticket was purchased no later than 3 month after the last travel date stated on the ticket subject to the provisions of Article 5

    In the event of damage or loss of luggage during the journey, other than handluggage, the customer must report this with the carrier(driver) and at a Eurolines office immediately upon discovery. If the ticket was bought in Belgium, written notice must be sent to the Head Office of Eurolines Belgium within 10 days after the discovery of the damage or loss and must be accompanied by the remainder of the original ticket and luggage receipt. 

    In the case of tickets purchased in Belgium the address you would write to is:

    Customer Services
    Eurolines België N.V.
    Ernest Solvayplein 4
    1030 Brussel


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